Feliway Diffuser & Refill

Feliway Diffuser & Refill
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Understanding your cat’s behaviour is essential to solving any problems in the home. Some behaviours that we may consider to be problematic are in fact normal for a healthy cat.
Feliway is just one of the trusted brands that we stock which will help you to calm and control your cat’s behaviour.

It is highly effective in preventing and stopping behavioural problems such as urine marking and scratching. It is available as a spray (see product code 6827) and a diffuser and will help give your cat the security it needs in strange environments to help solve problems naturally.

Feliway® is the first natural solution to fear related problems in cats caused by changes in their environment. A true innovation, Feliway® is highly effective in preventing or stopping behavioural problems such as urine marking, scratching or problems associated with transportation.

Feliway® provides a feeling of security for cats in an unfamiliar environment (a new house, cattery) or challenging situation (hospitalisation cage, cat basket, in the car).

For a cat the best solution to fear is a familiar environment as fear may activate a perfectly normal behaviour but one that is considered inappropriate by the owner.

With Feliway®, undesirable fear related behaviours and marking problems can be resolved naturally.

Feliway® (F3 fraction) is the first synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone which reproduces the familiarisation properties normally produced by the cat when it deposits its own facial pheromone in its environment.

60ml Spraycan be sprayed sparingly onto cats bedding, or around the home where the cat resides.

The diffuser helps you nurture your relationship with your cat/s, by creating a loving environment for them. Scientific studies have shown that using Feliway keeps the cat around in the home more than without.

Just screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket. Then leave the diffuser switched on continuously to keep your cat relaxed and friendly.

Each diffuser refill lasts about 4 weeks. It covers an area of 50-70m2

Diffuser Refills available seperatley, see product code 6469

Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture.

Product Code 6468

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